ENGL 211: News Writing and Investigative Reporting Class Schedule

Unit 1: What is Media Convergence?

January 20  Introductions

January 25 Chapter 1 in Lieb

January 27  Chapter 2 and 3 in Lieb

February 1 Class cancelled

February 3  Chapter 4 in Lieb

February 8  Group A deadline #1

February 10  In-class copy-editing excerise

February 15  Chapter 5: continue discussion of leads; exercise 5.1 in-class

February 17 Group B deadline #1; exercise 5.2 due and 5.7 due


Unit 2: Writing the Advanced Text Story

February 22  Chapter 6 in Lieb; begin Investigative unit: reading TBA; exercise 6.1 due and 6.2 due

February 24  Reading response due; begin thinking about topic for investigative article due May 3rd

March 1  Group A deadline #2Meet in Benedict Computer Lab; Chapter 7 in Lieb

March 3  Meet in Benedict Computer Lab; Blog post #1 due

March 8  Revision of Blog post #1 due and post #2;

March 10 Discuss readings

March 14-18 SPRING BREAK


Unit 3: Digital and Social Media: Aids to Investigative Reporting?


March 22  Group B article 2 dueProposals for Investigative articles due

March 24  Discuss Burchet and Murrow

March 29 Discuss Kennedy and Nader (available on blog’s library) and discuss investigative research methods

March 31  Quiz on chapters 8 and 9; in-class work with Soundcloud (be sure to bring laptops)

April 5  Group A article 3 dueQuiz and discussion of chapter 10; Discuss Seymour Hersh’s “The Massacre at My Lai” pp. 85-119; Audio exercise due to Soundcloud dropbox

April 7 Quiz on chapter 10; discussion on keys to a good interview and in-class work with Flip cameras (be sure to bring laptops); discuss du Preez and Pauw “Exposing Apartheid’s Death Squads” pp. 191-213

April 12 Discuss chapter 11, Politkovskaya “Checyna: A Dirty War pp. 407-432, and a video story TBA; Video exercise due to class blog


Unit 4: Bringing it All Together: Multi-platform media coverage

April 14  Discuss chapter 12 and multi-media blogging in-class (be sure to bring laptops); post an example of multi-media story to the class blog along with commentary.

April 19 Group B article #3 dueMulti-media version of previous article due to class blog; in-class multi-media blogging continued (be sure to bring laptops)

April 21 Discuss Schlosser “Fast Food Nation” pp. 482- 500; Discuss story structure; further revision of multi-media articles in-class (be sure to bring laptops)

April 26 Quiz on chapters 15 and 16; Discuss “Reporting the Truth About Iraq” pp. 531-553;  journalistic ethics and principles bowl!

April 28 Discuss Wilding “Eyewitness to Faluja” and Said “Covering Islam and Terrorism,” Draft of Investigative Article due by class time to dropbox; peer review

May 3 Last of Day of Class; discussion about technology classroom

May 4-5 Reading Days

May 10  Final Portfolio and Investigative Article must be posted to your blogs by noon



The Deadlines for the Voice are as follows: February 1st and 15th, March 1st and 22nd, April 5th, and April 19th. This schedule is subject to change due to spring break, which is March 14-18, and any other unforeseen problems that could arise.  You will be assigned to two groups, A and B.

Group A will have articles due to the Voice on the Feb 1st, March 1st, and April 5th.

Group B will have articles due Feb 15th, March 3oth, and April 19th.

April 28th, both groups will submit a draft of their Investigative articles to me for comments.  Students may submit these to the Voice, but it is not required.


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