Here are links to supplemental–but still required–readings for English 211: News Writing and Investigative Reporting.

I have chosen to track down as many articles as possible in digital form in order to 1.) Save paper and cost to you and 2.) Make the point that the Web is a rich resource for journalists looking to understand the tradition of investigative journalism in America, and citizens interested in educating themselves on the ways in which journalists have used the freedom of the press as a great force for social and political change.  The readings are in chronological order.

Jacob Riis “Pauperism in the Tenements” from How the Other Half Lives (1890)

Ida B. Wells “Lynching of Innocent Men (Lynched on Account of Relationship)” from the Red Record (1897)

John Swinton “The New Slave Trade” from John Swinton’s Paper (1884)

Ida Tarbell “The Oil War of 1872” from The History of Standard Oil (1903)

Upton Sinclair “The Condemned-Meat Industry: A Reply to Mr. J. Ogden Armour” from Everybody’s Magazine (1908)

Stetson Kennedy “I Work My Way Into the Flog Squad” from The Klan Unmasked (1954)

Ralph Nader Nader Safe Car You Can’t Buy from The Nation (1959)

Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein “Watergate Scandal” (1972)


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