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Removal of Teacher Tenure Up For Debate in Many States

8 Mar

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In this day in age, “budget” and “money” are two words that we hear about a lot. But when it comes to cutting budget and saving money, you wouldn’t think cutting teacher’s tenure would be the first solution. Recently, states such as Rhode Island have been firing many teachers and removing the option of teacher tenure to save money and keep their options open. MSNBC reported on the change in this article.

Many people would argue that teachers are very important for our country’s growth and development, as they educate the children that will one day become productive members of society.  But the issue stated in the article by MSNBC, what about the teachers who are not up to par or are lazy? Some say that removing tenure will encourage teachers to remain up to par with their ability to do their job, as they will get evaluated for contract renewal every few years.

The debate over teacher tenure hits home for many. Not just teachers but students and their parents around the world. There are pros and cons for each side, but when do those two common words, “budget” and “money” get in the way of what is really important? The education of our youth.