Spring Break Traveller’s Beware

8 Mar

Spring Break is a mere week away giving Sweet Briar ladies a ten day break to relax and revive before the weeks start crunching in for the closing of Spring Semester. Regardless of if  you are driving or flying home or on vacation you are going to be faced with some financial changes.  Gas prices have reached above three dollars for the first time in years. Government officials and airline companies are trying to close up traveler loop holes and avoid baggage fees with carry-on luggage and upping check-on prices once again.

If you are trying to fit your ten days worth of gear into your carry-on bag you may think you are saving money by avoiding check on fees. The truth is it is costing you time getting through check points and costing our government close to $260 million annually on security checks.

Now questions are rising about what to do with this airline dillema, Should they lower prices and increase taxpayers fees? Are the airlines going to profit from these price changes? Is this only going to make things more complicated?

So whether you are planning a road trip or a flight across the country prepare for these appalling changes.


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