Guantánamo Trials Resume

8 Mar

    The link above takes you to an article recently featured in the NY Times regarding President Obama’s recent move to reverse the decision he made over two years ago to close Guantanamo.  Mr. Obama has given his permission for military trials to resume under the hope that the recently restructured policies will ensure the humane treatment of those in custody. 

    I believe this article is relevant to our class discussions because the journalist, Scott Shane, is able to efficiently relay the information without inserting underlying tones of his own opinion.  It allows the reader to obtain the basic facts of the situation and thus form their own conclusions.  In our readings, the text has stressed that while opinion articles are relevant in certain contexts, part of a journalist’s responsibility is to provide the facts and foster an environment that encourages individuals to form their own ideas and opinions. 

    Overall, it’s an excellent article that brings forth the question of the government’s commitment to maintaining human rights, particularly with the changing political atmosphere of Egypt and Libya. If one is suspected of terrorism does one lose one’s rights to due process? In a broader sense, to what extent does the potential threat of security override traditionally basic human rights?


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