Development regarding Guantanamo Bay prison

8 Mar

As of March 7, 2011 the Guantanamo Bay prison, in Cuba, was confirmed to be back in operation.  In 2009 President Obama stated that he would have the prison closed within a year, yet as of now he has lifted the two-year freeze on new military trials.

According to President Obama the new development with the Guantanamo Bay prison situation was justified by the need to prosecute terrorists and eliminate all terror threats.

I believe that the largest mistake made by this decision was the president did not effectively convey his reasoning to delay his promise to the American people. The president promised the people in 2009 that this prison would be closed within a year. Yet here we stand, now reinstating the trials that out raged a nation not too long ago.

Although there are many important prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay prison having to do with the terrorist acts that we are fighting, I find it hard to believe that restarting these trials will be of any help to our cause.

The president might be attempting to fulfill another promise that he has yet to deliver on, bringing our troops home. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe the president is attempting to gather information from those prisoners who planned the attacks on 9/11. However, if this happens to be the case, President Obama owes it to his people to let them know, and to explain his reasoning from that point of view.

Therefore my main questions for the president are these, in layman terms what are your true intentions in lifting the two-year freeze on military trials? Followed by a question such as, by making this change, are you expecting to discover intel that will help the American people?

Finally, will Guantanamo ever become part of our nation’s history?

It is up to the American people to decide whether or not we are willing to watch the events of Guantanamo Bay occur again. Basic human rights may be at stake if the trials are conducted now as they were before. Do the American people care? And if we do, does it matter? Will we be heard by our government?



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