Thursday’s Reading sent via email

1 Mar

Dear Class,

I am sending the readings for Thursday’s class via email instead of adding them to the blog so that you can open them in Google docs, if you wish. It seems that many students like to use this service.

Please read the Alexandra Robbins excerpts in light of our recent conversations about facts, truth, emotional truth, and meaning. We have not delineated how these four things are different or interrelated, but I would ask you to think about that for next time.

For example, do facts always lead readers to come to the same conclusion (or meaning) regardless of who the audience is? Can the truth of a situation change depending on the reader? How is the meaning of an event arrived at? Can an event have more than one meaning? Is meaning fixed or can it change over time?

The chapter on listening and interviewing will help you get some background on the process that a writer like Robbins (or John Hersey, of Hiroshima fame) has to go through in order to “get the story.”

Remember, too, that I am granting extra credit for articles on the Robbins lecture, which will be held on Thursday evening at 6:30 in the Conference center.

Have a good day,



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