11 May

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Guidelines for Final Portfolio

3 May

The final portfolio for English 211 is due no later than 9 am Wednesday, May 11th and should consist of:

1.) A brief cover letter introducing the portfolio. Where did you make the most improvements? What were the greatest difficulties you encountered? Please list all of the stories that were published in the Voice.
2.) Revisions of the three articles written for the Voice.
3.) Your investigative article.

You may turn in your portfolio one of two ways:

1.) As a single Word or Pages document uploaded to Dropbox
2.) Hosted on your personal blog, in which case you should send me the url for your blog once you have completed the portfolio–again, no later than 9 am Wednesday.

Extra Credit:

Extra credit will be given to those who host their portfolio on their personal blog and creatively and effectively incorporate multi-media elements that complement the investigative article.

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started College : College Candy

25 Apr

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started College : College Candy.

Fast Food Nation

21 Apr

Cow's Skull: Red, White, and Blue by Georgia O'Keefe (1931)

One the things that sets Eric Schlosser’s “Fast Food Nation” apart from other investigative articles we’ve read is his poignant imagery, which often relies on big swings in cultural references, from low to high, pop-culture to modern art.

Take for example pg 484 on which he compares the electric blades the factory workers use to a Norelco television ad showing Santa Claus zooming around on a slick electric razor, followed farther down the page by a description of efficiency with which the electric knives pick the decapitated cow heads “as clean as the white skulls painted by Georgia O’Keefe.”

1970s Norelco ad

Here’s an interview with Eric Schlosser:

Interview with Dean Green on Cheating and the Honor Code

19 Apr

Virtual Guest, Cory Turner: Editor and Screenwriter

15 Apr

Screenwriter, editor, and radio producer, Cory Turner will join us Tuesday via Skype. Cory is a graduate of Grinnell College (BA English) and the USC Film School (MFA). His original screenplay was made into the 2007 feature film Graduation. After living for almost a decade in Los Angeles, where he divided his time between writing screenplays, doctoring scripts, and working for the gas company, Cory moved to Washington D.C. to take a job with National Public Radio, where is Show Editor for All Things Considered.

See the trailer for Turner’s film below:

Also, listen to his NPR story on “Bruce,” the mechanical shark used in the filming of JAWS: Hunting Bruce

Does Sweet Briar Prepare Graduates for Employment?

14 Apr